Himalayan Style

Utsav Beer the Himalayan Style Lager beer brings the essence of the Himalayas to Canada with its traditional Himalayan-styled lager. Crafted with premium ingredients and inspired by the region's cultural heritage, our beer offers a crisp, refreshing taste that embodies celebration and adventure.
Crafted to pair with fried foods and chili-infused cuisine for an elevated culinary experience that complements the bold flavors of our beer.


The Perfect match which can be crafted to match with spicy and fried food.

The Perfect Match

Elevate your meal with our Himalayan-styled lager, perfectly paired with the bold flavors of Hakka and chili-infused cuisine. Whether you're dining out with friends or treating yourself to a culinary adventure, our beer enhances the flavors of every dish, creating a symphony of taste that lingers long after your meal.

Group 5

Amazing taste and loved the taste of Himalayan Beer in Canada. Definitely recommend this smooth beer.

Group 5

For North American beer drinkers like me, l highly recommend you try this amazingly crisp, refreshing beer. I was blown away after my first sip

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